The Knot Market Mixer

Rustic Renaissance

Venue: Factory 220

When The Knot magazine called us to put together their annual market mixer, we were super excited. As an attendee of this party every year, it was always a wish to be able to plan the next one.

Typically, The Knot will reach out to one planner and ask them to find the venue, the vendors, and basically plan the entire thing. It’s a party planners dream come true because the planner makes all of the decisions.

But this mixer was different in a lot of ways. The first difference was that the venue had already been selected. The second difference was the one that sent my mind into a panic…

We had less than a month to pull the whole thing off. Oh, and did I mention this was during the height of wedding season and every other previous planner was given a full year to do the whole thing?

The venue was not unlike many others we recommend because it was completely non-traditional. An old warehouse complete with exposed brick called Factory 220. Along with the standard challenges that come with unique wedding venues, this location would not be providing catering. No big deal, right?

Wrong again!

The kitchen at Factory 220 was Glatt Kosher, which basically means that without a Rabbi there to bless everything including the kitchen and Glatt Kosher food, whatever caterer we brought it wouldn’t be allowed to use that kitchen. That meant they would have to set up outside of the building and figure out the water source they would need to use.

Non-traditional wedding spaces always require a higher wedding budget than say a standard hall with all the bells and whistles already in place. I knew this was a golden opportunity to show exactly how to have a beautiful wedding in a totally raw space.

With full creative control, I went for a rustic renaissance theme, and in two weeks everything was done. From the luxury wedding invitations to the glam wedding decor, Factory 220 was transformed into one of the coolest upscale wedding venues in NJ. Learn more about how we can do the same for your next wedding, party, or any celebration by emailing us today!

Photographer: Timothy Glenn

Video: NST Pictures