Jamie and Ronny

Summer Sunflowers

Venue: The Rodale Institute

Summer sunflowers were a huge part of the beautiful farm wedding backdrop on Jamie and Ronny’s special day. The Rodale Institute is one of my favorite farms to host weddings at because it’s gorgeous and has a fantastic barn on site.

When Jamie and Ronny first met with me, they had no idea where they wanted to get married. They weren’t into the whole traditional wedding look and they loved the idea of a country wedding.

Even though farm weddings were and still are a huge wedding trend, I wouldn’t recommend them to couples for that reason alone. I’m a firm believer in only incorporating wedding trends if you, stay with me here, actually love them. Don’t resonate with the whole farm wedding reception idea? Totally cool- it’s not for everyone.

For this couple, a barn wedding was the perfect choice. Having planned at Rodale before, I brought Jamie and Ronny on a tour in the dead of Winter…there was literally snow on the ground.

Now, it might be hard to imagine Summer sunflowers when all the trees are dead, the ground is covered in ice, and there actually are no sunflowers, but these two were sold and booked immediately. We walked around all the different ceremony locations, checked out the cocktail hour space, and of course went through the barn to start getting unique wedding ideas.

This country wedding had a romantic wedding theme, and Jamie took Ronny’s breath away when he first saw her walk down the aisle in a full fitted lace wedding gown. Ronny and his groomsmen all wore soft gray suits, while the bridesmaids dressed in pale pink gowns.

During the golden hour, our bride and groom finally got to see those sunflowers they had been waiting for since Winter. Plenty of amazing wedding photos later, Jamie changed into her cowgirl boots and danced the night away with her new husband Ronny.

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Photographer: Justin Tinapay

Jamie + Ronny • Sunflower Farm Super 8 Wedding at Rodale Institute from birdhouse on Vimeo.