Gina and Ryan

Chic Wedding Celebration

Venue: Loft 350

Photographer: Justin Tinapay

Gina and Ryan always knew they would be looking for upscale wedding venues in New Jersey, but they didn’t want something they’d been to before. New Jersey is pretty much the banquet capital of the world, and there is no shortage of gorgeous wedding venues.

Our specialty is non-traditional luxury weddings, which might sound pretty niche to most people. The thing is, it’s not about sacrificing the upscale details in order to be different…It’s about finding a way to design that luxury wedding reception while still being unique.

My favorite way to create a wedding experience your guests haven’t seen yet, is by selecting a really out of the box wedding venue. For Gina and Ryan, that venue was a loft space with wall to wall hardwood floors and a totally open floor plan. Having the ability to customize the space that held the ceremony and the reception gave us the freedom to design exactly what they wanted.

Creating upscale wedding centerpieces and glam wedding decor without being cookie-cutter was also very important. Using the dramatic combination of black, white, gold, and emerald, was the perfect look for this chic wedding celebration.

Even though all of the wedding formalities were set to take place in one location, the gentlemen got ready at the hotel block, while the ladies prepped at the couple’s home. Originally, the plan was to take first look photos at a local botanical garden, but a hurricane changed all of that 2 days before the wedding.

Those best wedding photos ever still happened, as we took over a private estate owned by a friend of Gina and Ryan. This was probably the first time I was ever happy it rained on a wedding day! Find out how we can plan your non-traditional day by emailing us here!