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The Best Way To Save Money On Foil Wedding Invitations

In love with foil pressed wedding invitations but don’t want to drown in even more wedding debt? If you missed this blog’s sale, don’t worry, there’s still a special code you can take advantage of any time of the year!

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A Tragic Tale Of The Bride Who Missed Her Wedding

What good is all of that wedding planning if you don’t actually get to enjoy the wedding day? You might make plenty of mistakes when planning your wedding, but it’s this mistake that you’ll truly regret. For all the Type A, OCD, control freak brides to be out there, if you’re worried about everything that can go wrong on the wedding day, take a breath and read this blog.

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The Best Steal Worthy Ideas For A Fall Wedding Party

Looking for stunning bridesmaid dress options for your Fall wedding? I’ve packed this blog with the hottest colors and most gorgeous trends, so you don’t need to look any further for exactly what you want (even if you don’t know what that is yet…)

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5 Painful Mistakes To Avoid When Wedding Planning

When engaged couples hire a wedding planner like me, the hope is that I will help them avoid all of the basic mistakes while giving them professional advice. In this blog, I’m talking about the 5 most common mistakes and misunderstandings my brides and grooms have made over the years.