Top 5 Surprising and Guaranteed Wedding Trends for 2019

I love looking ahead to see what the predicted wedding trends are. I especially love getting six months into the new year, only to look back on those lists, and see less than half of the items actually trending. Despite how horribly wrong many predictions are, wedding planners can’t help themselves in this area.

It’s like we all think we each have a magic crystal ball and know exactly what next year’s wedding trends are going to be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t do the homework. For instance, I can look ahead to the weddings we are planning for 2019 and see a lot of similarities. Does that make it a trend or a coincidence?

Even if we can make the correct wedding trend predictions, then what? Who wants a wedding that everyone else is doing? Nobody, that’s who. I’m not a huge fan of trends in general because, many times, I think the trend is ugly. For instance, can we go back to stilettos please? Does every shoe have to come with a clunky block heel?

Right or wrong, to be inspired or to ignore it, I am dedicating this blog post to 5 wedding trends for 2019. But, I’m not saying these are just any 5 wedding trends for 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, these are my guaranteed wedding trends for 2019.

Look for an update to this post around June 2019 when we can all laugh about how wrong I was.

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How to Ring in Engagement Season With These Top Trends

Engagement season starts right around Thanksgiving and lasts all the way into mid-February. Yes, basically, Valentine’s Day. It’s no surprise that almost 40% of all engagements take place between November and February. The holidays allow for family and friends to be together in celebration. Plus, everyone is just generally in a better mood during these months, amiright?

Engagement season is also the time of the year when trend predictions start coming out in the wedding world. In this blog, I’ll talk about the top ring trends for 2019 and give you some pinnable images to leave around the house as hints. Plus, you’ll get some ideas on how to find the perfect engagement ring and why shopping together is essential.

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The Best Ways to Find Your Wedding Gown

I don’t know about you, but I hate shopping. I mean, I loathe it. If I can’t find exactly what I want, in the time I have decided I need to find it, it’s a full meltdown. Shopping for fun is a foreign concept to me and I typically won’t buy an article of clothing if it won’t work with 87 things I already have in my closet. 

Sounds like a super candidate for a bride looking for a wedding gown, right?

Maybe you’re someone that actually enjoys shopping, or perhaps, you’re twinning with me right now. Shopping for your wedding gown is a completely different type of shopping.


As a wedding planner, I have seen the most pulled together shopaholic brides go full on crazy. Buyer’s remorse, taking months to decide, you name it, and I have seen it all. In this blog, I am sharing the best ways to find your wedding gown and real advice not just from a wedding planner, but as a former bride to be who went through the process.

Spoiler alert: I went to one store and bought the second dress I tried on. 

Get my secrets and find out which designer won the Bridal Bracket Challenge held on my Instagram, all in this blog!

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Inspiration to Make Your Home Merry and Bright for Christmas

If you’re anything like everyone else I talk to, Christmas got here really fast. Wasn’t it just Memorial Day Weekend? I literally have no idea where this year went and the panic is starting to set in. Decorating my home is one of my favorite things to do, and we I spend Black Friday decking the halls. This year, I am inspired by The Grinch and that doesn’t mean doing nothing either. I’ll be working with bold, bright colors and oversized decor to turn our home into Who-ville, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram for behind the scenes and the final design pictures!

With Thanksgiving super early this year, I know there are plenty of you that haven’t even thought about how to make your home merry and bright for Christmas. It’s time to pour a glass of eggnog, sit by the fire, and get inspired. Scroll down for Christmas inspiration and let’s get the holidays started!

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10 Things Brides Should Stop Doing Immediately

Dear brides everywhere,

You are your own worst enemy. 


Someone who knows (AKA me)

Wedding planning is naturally stressful. You could be the most chill, yoga practicing, namaste-ing bride on the planet, but I guarantee that something will stress you out while planning your wedding day. That “something” might come in the form of your parents, the wedding party, and even your guests; it should never come from you. Here are 10 things brides do to stress themselves out, and what they should be doing instead.

10 Things Brides Should Stop Doing Immediately. A must read wedding blog for every bride to be. Wedding planning advice from a real wedding planner and how not to sabotage your wedding day. Pin now and read later! #weddingblogs #weddingblogstofollow

10 Secrets How to Create The Perfect Signature Drink

Signature drinks have gone from trendy to expected at weddings. In fact, signature drinks are being served at holiday parties, bridal showers and even at Friday night hangouts with friends. But what makes the perfect signature drink? It’s more than what you put into it.

If just grabbing a recipe off a google search isn’t good enough for you, read on to find out the 10 secrets how to create the perfect signature drink!

Blog: 10 secrets how to create the perfect signature drink. Ideas for a wedding, holiday party, or just a Friday night at home with friends. What to think about before mixing it up behind the bar!

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to find the perfect wedding venue, and everything an engaged couple should know is a big topic. And by “big” I mean that I could write an entire book on just this. There are countless blogs and articles available to brides and grooms about what to look for while on the wedding venue hunt. Thankfully, you found this blog, which means you can literally ignore the rest. 

Why do I say that? Because the internet is full of trash, that’s why. As a wedding planner, I cannot tell you how many of my brides have brought me what they thought they knew, based on what they read on a wedding website. Not to mention the amount of wedding related articles I read on my own that are stacked with misleading or flat out wrong information.

In this blog, I’m sharing wedding planning tips about how to find the perfect wedding venue. These are the same tips I share as a real wedding planner with my brides and grooms. So, before you start the search for your wedding venue and fall down the google rabbit hole, grab that wedding planning journal I know you have, and get ready to take some notes!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some affiliate links were used in this blog post, which means I will see a percentage if you choose to buy anything. But I would never recommend a brand I don’t love to pieces, so go ahead and shop away!

How to find the perfect wedding venue. Wedding planning tips from a real wedding planner about what to look for in a wedding venue. Learn the questions to ask each potential venue and what red flags to look out for. Everything engaged couples need from non-traditional venues to destination locations to ballroom weddings. A must read wedding blog for bride and grooms to be!

How to Interview Florists and What Brides Should Expect

Flowers and design is the absolute best part of my job as a wedding planner. We recommend wedding vendors to our couples, and that includes florists. But, even though we make these recommendations, it’s the couple that has to interview them. In this blog, I’m sharing some inside tips about interviewing florists for your wedding and what brides should expect every step of the way!

How to Interview Florists and What Brides Should Expect. The blog that every engaged couple needs to read before hiring a florist for their wedding. Read this to find out how to find the best florist for your wedding day and learn what to ask along the way!

Top 10 Must Have Items for Brides and Bridesmaids

Ladies, this blog is for you! Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, there are certain essentials you can’t live without on a wedding day. I’ve rounded up the top 10 must have items for brides and bridesmaids. Bonus, I’m telling you where to get everything on this list and giving you a free printable to propose to your bridesmaids. Keep reading before you start shopping…

The Top 10 Must Have Items for Brides and Bridesmaids. How to propose to your bridesmaids, where to find the best white flats and an after party jumper perfect for any bride. Read the blog to find out what you need and where to get everything!

The Complete Guide to Inviting People to Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is full of nothing but decisions. Deciding where you want to get married, what you’ll wear, and who your vendors will be. A decision that needs to be made before all that other stuff? Your guest list.
You can’t pick a wedding venue if you don’t know your guest count. You can always guess or have a range in mind, but it’s never a decision made by just one person. As a wedding planner, I’ve seen my couples be surprised about the people their fiance wanted to invite. Then, if it’s suddenly “OK” to invite those people, the other half of the engaged couple just thought of 30 more people to invite.
If your parents or anyone else is financially contributing to the wedding, they’ll likely have an opinion as well. Actually, parents tend to have an opinion regardless of financial contribution so, never mind. 
That last part was a joke, no offense mom and dad.
If you’re engaged and getting ready to plan your wedding, read on for the complete guide to inviting people to your wedding.

The Complete Guide to Inviting People to Your Wedding! How to decide who to invite to your wedding and more in our wedding blog. Read this if you're engaged and need some wedding planning tips! #weddingblog #weddingguestlist