Kristen and Melric

Love on the Farm

Venue: Rodale Farm

When you’re hiring a wedding planner, odds are you want to find someone who has the same style and vibe you want for your wedding. It’s even more important to many couples that the planner has experience either at the wedding venue they chose.

While I don’t necessarily believe it’s mandatory that your wedding planner or any of your wedding vendors are familiar with your venue, IĀ do think a planner needs to know how to handle the type of venue you want.

Non-traditional weddings like the one Kristen and Melric had require a totally different approach and mindset. All of the things we take for granted within those gorgeous wedding venues like tables and chairs, all have to be brought in from the outside.

But when you want to really have a unique wedding experience, there’s really no other choice than to select a location that’s anything but ordinary. After recommending The Rodale Institute, our bride and groom knew they found the right location.

In order to create love on the farm, we would bring together their two cultures to share with family and friends. Melric’s Indian heritage played a big part in everything from the ceremony to the food choices. It wasn’t just aboutĀ their love on the farm, but the love that their family and friends had for them together.

Overlooking the expansive fields, the whimsical wedding theme was completed with a boho style arbor decorated in greenery and roses. After the ceremony was complete, in true farm form, everyone jumped on wagons to be taken to the outdoor cocktail hour.

The unique wedding ideas continued at the guests moved into the barn for the reception portion of the evening. Luxury wedding details included table linens that Kristen and Melric had brought back from their recent trip to India. Touches of pink and gold were scattered throughout the barn to complete the look.

Transforming any venue isn’t easy, but those non-traditional venues are the biggest challenge. We love working in blank spaces and don’t want you to do this on your own so contact us here today!

Photographer: Mary + Roy

Video: Shuilaba Studios