Lauren and Chad

Vintage Romance

Venue: The Inn at Millrace Pond

When I first met with Lauren and Chad I knew they were something special. During our first meeting we talked about how they met, and when Lauren excused herself from the table to use the ladies’ room, Chad got choked up telling me just how much he loved her.

They weren’t looking for a long engagement and we started planning in the month of December. The challenge with starting in the Winter is touring venues that don’t look so great surrounded by dead trees.

This was especially true for Lauren and Chad who wanted to have an outdoor luxury wedding. It can be tough to envision what your wedding day will look like when you’re standing in snowboots on every venue tour.

After looking at almost 30 venues, they selected the one I had hoped they would pick, The Inn at Millrace Pond. One of the things they wanted was a tented reception, and this place already had one on site. Lauren and Chad also were looking for vintage romance that only included chandeliers if they were hanging from huge oak trees.

Thankfully, their venue checked off all the boxes and was the perfect choice. That said, they weren’t totally convinced until the wedding day in August when they could finally see everything in bloom.

A wedding ceremony held in the round took place on the lawn outside the main house. Afterwards, guests moved inside for cocktail hour before heading to the tent for the reception.

Having the grounds all day allowed us to design glam wedding decor including custom made wooden doors for the ceremony entrance, and flowers covering the banisters of the footbridge. A beautiful wedding, their best wedding pictures were also published in New Jersey Bride!

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Photographer: Justin Tinapay