It is National Coffee Day and we know how many of our readers love to indulge on this amazing beverage. This time of year so many brides are sipping their pumpkin spiced latte while updating their Pinterest accounts and flipping through countless magazines for inspiration.

We wanted to take the time to recognize National Coffee Day, especially since it is one of our favorite favors to recommend to our clients. That’s right, coffee!

Most clients are opting out of the favor world, cutting it from their budget mostly because they don’t know what to offer. Let’s be honest, favors typically end up in the trash. But not when you offer something to eat or drink!

If camping and coffee are your thing you have to check out this article from Spice Kitchen that reviews the 15 Best Camping Coffee Mugs.

Using labels complete with your event date and a thank you message to your guests, why not send them off with something amazing and original like coffee? You can offer it whole bean or not, and really make it special by selecting a blend from a notable part of the world. Rothweiler Event Design recently met with Meahuna Coffee to try some of their amazing blends. They offer their coffee in all different colored bags and will customize labels for you as well. The most important aspect of this favor is that it won’t end up in the trash!

Take a look at Meahuna Coffee to see what they are all about, and reach out to them for your next event. We promise you that your guests will be buzzing about this great idea, and we’ll even let you take the credit for thinking of it:

Did you offer coffee as a favor? What do you think about this idea? Please share your thoughts with us!

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