Here comes the bride and she’s not wearing leopard. Thank. God.

Despite speculation from planners (and the general public), Nicole has grown up and has decided that her wedding day is going to be Gatsby themed and glamorous, not Jersey Shore and leopard. We remarked on this a few months ago when we read comments from planners suggesting how to incorporate cheetah print into her decor, that we didn’t think that was the direction she was heading. To those planners we say “we were right and you were wrong. Better luck next time!”

We applaud Nicole for choosing a beautiful theme and timeless colors for her wedding day. She also chose the perfect venue to showcase her big day, The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey. Between the marble floors and the attention to detail, this venue is everything that this reality star could wish for.

A Gatsby theme has been on and off popular for the past few years now. A color palette of gold and black is always classic, and for the dramatic couples, it’s a staple color combination. Below are a few ideas on how we would bring this day to life:

1. Ditch the linens. Get rid of them! Mirrored table tops are the new thing and this is the time to use them. Keeping the lighting low and adding candles to the table, a mirrored table top will reflect everything and add to the romance and glamour of the evening.

2. Orchids. Big, huge, white, cascading orchids. I see tall gold vases with orchids spilling over the top and practically touching the tables. White is a major trend in weddings right now, and orchids scream “regal”. 

3. Amber up and down lighting. Warm up this huge room (have you been there? It’s huge.) with candles and amber lighting up the walls and across the ceiling. Pink, blue and purple are great for birthday parties and Mitzvahs, but this is a wedding. 

4. Big entrance with sparklers. The room hosting Nicole’s reception boasts a double staircase. What a brilliant way to bring in her wedding party, and of course, the happy couple. All eyes will be on what will be a well dressed party (because no one will be in leopard) and then the new Mr. and Mrs. LaValle. We would love to see a huge entrance followed by a dramatic but fun first dance.

5. A fun signature drink. Kick off cocktail hour with an amazing mix! We hope Nicole and Jionni will spend the next few weeks mixing up liquors to find something unique that they love. Put it in a sugar rimmed martini glass, give it a fun name and cheers!

6. A cake to end all cakes. These two have a huge guest list and nothing would be sweeter than watching them cut the cake together. We recommend a 5 or 6 tier cake with alternating flavors. The Venetian boasts an impressive dessert hour too, so they’re covered in that department. 

7. A larger than life send off. When the party is over, we’d bring these two and all of their guests outside for their amazing departure. Whether that includes fireworks or not could be up to them. We envision a super amazing getaway car taking the newlyweds off to their honeymoon!

Congratulations Nicole and Jionni! We can’t wait to see pictures of your special day!

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