You hear the stories: $250 centerpieces, $175 a head, $350 bridesmaid dresses…..and all you hear is cha-ching over and over in your head. Isn’t a wedding about two people who love each other plus flowers, unicorns and rainbows?

Well, yes…but unicorns are expensive.

So how do you cut down on your budget? Well, a good planner is the first step to figuring our that mess of numbers. We also suggest that couples reach out to planners the day they want to start planning. Planners know the best venues and the best vendors and can help you figure out your favorites that can work with your budget!  The first step we take at Golden Wedding Planners is to figure out what you want to spend in each category and then we bring to you the vendors that can bring that to life.

So if you want big tall centerpieces with poofy, dreamy flowers..and you have a general romantic feel throughout the wedding…well, we’ll contact our florists with your theme and budget and work from there. No need for you to do the research and hit up google just to be disappointed!

The most expensive wedding ever was Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son to Princess Salama in Dubai. It was $44 Million.

There are ways to give yourself the dream wedding at the dream pricetag. But the first step is to hire a professional who does it everyday. Call us at Golden Wedding Planners and tell us everything about what you want and what you want to pay. We’ll make it happen and show you how affordable unicorns really are.

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