While working on a wedding lined up for this May, I became incredibly inspired by the natural look this bride was going for.

Her wedding will be at a beach and she seems to lean towards glass, candles, hanging lights…very clean and natural. The reception area has a wood ceiling with wood beams and the floor is also wood. There is something very natural about the place.

I took a look around at wedding pictures that I’ve seen and found some gorgeous ways to incorporate wood in every way possible. Wood adds a natural, feel that you can dress up or keep simple. Like flowers, there are so many combinations that you should look at before dismissing the idea completely.

The picture on the left that I have posted are large branches that were placed at the entrance of a cocktail hour. Hanging from the branches are flowers, but you can do so much more than just this. These flowers are an off-white, but you can put bright bursts of your colors in the forms of flowers, candles, glass bottles, pretty much anything that hangs. Think of it as a Christmas tree..there are thousands of ornaments you can use!

I’ve also seen this type of a centerpiece on a smaller scale either placed on tables or around the ceremony area. You can see from the picture on the right that charms were hung from strings coming down from the branches. They also used flowers but the charms would easily have stood on their own.

You could also hang votive holders (long enough for the flame not to catch the wood on fire) from the branches to add a beautiful glow. This would be gorgeous for a piece on the table where your guestbook is. You could even carve your initials inside of a heart on a piece of wood by your wedding cake.

If you want to go all out with the wood theme, and not just stick to centerpieces, look for places where you could add a little here and there. For instance, at your cocktail hour, why not place bleached wood on the bar area or around pictures of you and your new spouse? Bring the wood to your altar with branches hanging above you and your love as you say your vows.

Whether you wedding is on the beach, in a church, or whereever it is, you can add little touches of wood or go full out. The choices are yours and the possibilities are endless!

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