To honor today, the first day of summer, Mother Nature has brought a heat wave to New Jersey! Today topped out at 100 degrees and unless you were in a pool, being outside was not easy!

It made me think about all of those summer weddings I’ve planned and been to. I’m sure you know the ones I’m talking about: hot, humid and outdoors! Even if it’s just the ceremony, sometimes those 20 minutes can be unbearable unless you find a way to keep your guests cool!

First things first, make sure guests are aware of what they’re going to. If it’s a black tie affair but no one knows the ceremony is outdoors, people might dress very differently. Give guests a head’s up in the invitations that part of your big day will be outside. The more they can prepare, the happier they’ll be.

Find interesting ways to keep them cool. Whether that means tenting areas and bringing in air conditioning units, providing fans or have cool drinks offered, it’s all about keeping your guests happy. You don’t want to hear people complaining about how hot it is when you’re up there saying your vows. Talk about getting burned!

Think about ordering some fans with your names on them so guests can keep themselves cool while watching the ceremony. Play up your colors and have them alternate! Consider having a small cocktail offering before your ceremony complete with icy appetizers. From shrimp cocktail to shots of gazpacho, this is a great opportunity to show your creative side. I would also recommend offering drinks, but non-alcoholic. Drinking before a ceremony can be a recipe for disaster. Consider fun twists on drinks like blueberry lemonade, or a fruit punch complete with fresh fruit. 

If it’s more then just your ceremony that’s outside in the heat, analyze your day carefully. This goes for what you’re wearing as well. No puffy wedding gown is going to be comfortable in the heat, and your bridesmaids would probably appreciate a short flirty dress instead of a gown. If it’s a casual wedding you’re planning, consider BBQ food and food trucks coming in for some added fun. End your evening with some super cold desserts, including ice cream. Pick some fun flavors but don’t let people make their own sundaes because too often, they’ll end up wearing them. Flavors like mint and mango are cool in the mouth and will be pleasing to your guests. 

Make sure there is plenty of shade offered, and consider adding fun touches like hats, sunblock and flip flops for your guests to use. Have an usher pass out ice cold hand towels throughout the time outside to help keep everyone chill. You want your guests to remember how beautiful your wedding was, not how much they were sweating through it.

So how would you keep your guests cool? Do you like our ideas? Please share with us some of yours! 

Happy Summer!

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