Engagement portraits are very popular and for good reason. Many couples like to use these pictures as their “Save the Dates”, or just to have a great picture to hang over the fireplace. An engagement is a special time when you’re planning for a big day almost every single day leading up to it. However, an engagement photoshoot gives you time to be with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and just relax. 

Often times these pictures are taken of the happy couple in casual clothing at a location special to them. Sometimes they are done in a studio, or even the home in which the couple lives. But this week, we saw Kelly Clarkson doing something very different, and it’s causing quite the buzz.

While Kelly does look beautiful in this picture, strangely absent is her fiance. In a rather “Beauty and the Beast” type of photoshoot (the library and reading and all), Kelly Clarkson sits in a poofy white wedding gown, alone. She looks beautiful, the picture is fantastic, the location is original, but, does it say “engagement” portrait to you? 

We think a picture like this would be a great advertisement for the dress designer (whomever it may be) but it’s not what we think of when we picture “engagement pictures”. Then again, trends seem to be falling apart in the wedding world, and we even have brides choosing to wear something other than white down the aisle. 

So what do you think? Is this fun and pretty for an engagement shoot, or should she have picked a more traditional setting that included her fiance? We’d love to hear your comments so please feel free to share them below! If you’re planning something non-traditional for your engagement photoshoot, please email us at info@rothweilereventdesign.com and you might be featured in a future blog!

Happy Planning!

Danielle Rothweiler
Rothweiler Event Design

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