We love seeing proposals, in fact, we even help plan them! They can be over the top or simple, but they are becoming the first step towards planning the wedding day in more ways the one. Proposals are becoming more than just getting down on one knee, they involve candles, photography, music, and….helicopters?

Of course, with the large amount of reality television available right now, the stage is set for stars to showcase their weddings and of course, their proposals. Starting with The Bachelor over a decade ago, on screen proposals are popular because, let’s face it, people love love! 

We are big fans of almost every show that Bravo has to offer, including The Housewives franchise. Recently, one of our favorite housewives, Gretchen Rossi, flipped the script and proposed to her sweetie of many years, Slade. Through all the editing, it was still so easy to see how much thought and effort this blonde beauty put into her proposal, and the love was just bursting through the screen. From the surprise serenade, to greeting her love “on top of the world”, and ending with an engagement party, it was just gorgeous!

What we really loved was the idea of a woman proposing to her man. It’s 2013 and we have seen tradition go right out the window with many of the weddings we work on. This proposal was complete with a ring, and although Gretchen didn’t get down on one knee (Slade did however), the proposal that she put together is something most women (and men now?) dream about! 

So what did you think? Should women consider doing the proposing? Men, what would you think if your girl popped the question first?

Please feel free to leave your comments!

Danielle Rothweiler
Rothweiler Event Design

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