You’ve got the ring…and now what? The wedding you’ve always dreamed of since you were a little girl? Has your style changed? Dreaming of a winter wedding, but loving summer colors? Loving that laid back farm style but can’t figure out how to use lace, burlap and everything else together?

We see this ALL the time: brides that are THEMED OUT! There is a lot of pressure on marrying couples to pick a theme and have it run throughout the day. But what if you love everything and can’t figure out where to start? Let us help you out!

First things first, decide on the time of year that appeals to you most. This depends on a myriad of factors from your favorite season, to the most convenient time for you both to wed and then honeymoon. Keep an open mind when visiting venues, and don’t just push aside a venue because they don’t have the one date that would make everything perfect. Visit venues that really encompass the overall feel that you are looking for. Give your wedding planner some thoughts, whether it’s vintage, or organic, or glitzy, whatever it is…use lots of adjectives. Once you have the budget figured out, your planner can bring you to venues that will really give you that feel you’re going for.

Once the venue is done, then it’s on to all the other details. From the dress to the food to the music, there are ways to incorporate who you are as a couple, and pull your theme throughout the entire day. Don’t overload yourself with a ton of different ideas. Write everything down that you love, and then streamline it with your planner. Most important of all: when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break, have a glass of wine, and revisit everything tomorrow.

For more ways to make that theme come to life, please feel free to comment below. If you’re still looking for that planner to help you out, call us for your complimentary consultation!

Happy Planning!

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