Lighting is one of the key components of any major event, and there is no end to what is now possible. Whether you want stars on the ceiling, or every wall to be washed in pink, anything can happen.

A major trend is using Christmas lights year round. We used to see them for weddings around the holidays, to add a little extra magic to the air. Now, we see them outside, wrapped around oak trees and twinkling during the summer nights.

One of the best parts of using Christmas lights is the versatility. You can use big white bulbs strung across the outside dancefloor, or tiny blue lights to cool off your reception room. There is really nothing “Christmas” anymore about these lights, and it’s an affordable way to add a little sparkle. We’ve even used white lights inside hanging mason jars to give that “lighting bug in a jar” look to a fall wedding on a farm. No matter your location, venue hall or bed and breakfast, Christmas lights are a great way to add to your event.

What is the most creative way you’ve seen these lights used?

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