2012 is bringing back the 1930s! One of the hottest trends for this year’s weddings will be the styles we saw back then (ok, not us, but some people). This should make my Jersey brides happy as feathers were a huge staple back then and they are insanely popular right now. But we’re not talking about feather extensions. We mean so much more!

The 1930’s were glamourous years and there was a very distinctive style that went along with it. If you’re just starting to plan your wedding but aren’t sure what your theme should be, then we have some great ideas for you! Whether you want to hold your ceremony in the ultimate art deco location (that would be The Mezzanine in Newark for all our Jersey brides) and bead and feather the whole party, or just add little touches of the decade, we have some great ideas for you!

If you’re looking for the ultimate 1930’s experience for both you and your guests, then your first stop (besides hiring an ultimate wedding planner) on your list is a trip to visit venues. Use words like “art deco” when speaking with your planner so they know exactly where to bring you. My Jersey brides should absolutely start with The Mezzanine in the National Newark Building (picture at the top). While you can easily transform a reception hall into the 1930’s, a great planner can show you the best original locations to make your vision come to life.

When looking at your dresses, simplicity and glamour are the two words to keep in mind. For all of you princess brides, if you require a big over the top dress, this would not be the style for you. The 1930’s wedding gown is all about the plunging v-neck, low back, drop waist, but most of all, it must be simple. You can pair off this sleek satin or silk gown with an amazing cap veil chock full of beading! In fact, hair accessories are the best way to play up this gown whether you want to use a veil, feathers or run glitter through your hair. Of course, speak to your hair stylist about the perfect 1930’s updo to complete the look. Don’t forget to incorporate the style into your bridesmaids’ gowns and your fiance’s tuxedo! You can even ask your guests to get into the style by having the men rock out some fedoras (easy for my Jersey men, right?).

You can change your bar into a speakeasy since prohibition ended in 1933. Make a signature cocktail that represents you and your groom but also reflects the era you two are celebrating. Try a sidecar or a whiskey sour!

Don’t forget to bring this era onto the dancefloor! Ask your DJ or band to play some signature 1930’s songs, which features plenty of swing dancing. During your engagement, take some dance classes with your sweetheart to learn the moves from back then. As cliche as they may be at weddings, congo lines were invented in the 1930’s and would be much more appropriate than say…the chicken dance.

There is no end to what you can do when using this decade as inspiration. DIY brides will have just as much fun putting it all together. Name your table “Fred and Ginger”, play lots of Ella Fitzgerald’s songs….Just don’t forget the feathers, beads and sequins. Happy planning!

“Give ’em the old three ring circus…stun and stagger ’em”

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