Ok, so you’ve been to weddings and you think you’ve seen it all as far as centerpieces go. They can be tall, short, half and half…roses, lilies, dreaded baby breath (that’s a no-no, don’t do it, it’s a weed)…

…and sometimes instead of flowers you will see branches, candles, even fake flowers (don’t do that either, it’s tacky).

But what about produce?

Fruit and veggies are making an appearance in centerpieces at weddings, screaming “here we are, not just for the grocery store anymore.” This particular centerpiece showcases oranges and grapes, and arrangements are now including artichokes (both green and purple), pomegranates, you name it.

It’s a daring choice and will have people talking. Inevitably, people will touch it, just to see if it’s real. Please do not use fake fruit, I implore you. Some guests will even smell it.

If you decide to go the fruit option, speak to your florist about what is in season. Just like flowers, not all fruit will be readily available. For instance, as gorgeous as halved blood oranges are, there are few months of the year (depending on where you live) that you would be able to find them. Your florist will be able to tell you what fruit/veggie is in season and more importantly, what flowers will go with them. That’s not to say you have to use flowers though, you can always mix it up with candles, branches, or any of the “regular” stuff you see in wedding centerpieces.

If you’re running on a tight budget, or if you’re a DIY bride, fruits are fun to work with. Depending on how creative you are, you can vary your centerpieces from clusters of lemons and candles to oranges and wood. Be careful though when it comes to cutting the fruit as often florists will put a glaze over the fruit so that it a. doesn’t go bad and b. doesn’t attract fruit flies or any other insect.

You could also submerge some fruits/veggies in water with flowers but you’ll have to be careful to not let them sit for too long before the event. You don’t want soggy grapes in a pile of water, you want elegance and creativity. Play around with different combination months before your wedding at your own home so you know what you’re working with.

The most important thing with using fruit as a centerpiece is to know that, like flowers, the possibilities are endless. From star fruit, to kiwi, to cranberries, there’s a color pattern that will work for your special day. Draw inspiration from everyday life: caramel covered apples for a fall wedding, or chocolate covered strawberries…

Whether you’re using a florist or putting it together on your own, have fun and and open your mind. Your guests will love it, guaranteed.

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