We know you have choices for all of your wedding vendors, and that includes your wedding planner. Frequently we’re asked “why is a wedding planner/photographer/DJ….etc so expensive?” Well, while we cannot justify the rates of other vendors, we’d like to take a moment to discuss wedding planning in general.

Wedding planning is a full time job, and we take our job very seriously. You absolutely could hire a “planner” for Day Of Coordination for $500. And you would be wasting your money. 

Day Of Coordination with us (and many other planners) begins weeks before the actual day. We spend 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day consulting with your vendors, setting up timelines, scouting photography locations, and so much more. In fact, the 6-8 weeks before your wedding is the time your planner will work the hardest and have the most to do. We also attend your rehearsal with two coordinators and your wedding day with two coordinators. Oh, and we don’t do that “10 hour day” thing. We’re there, all day, sun up to way past sundown. 

$500 for Day Of, equates to $62.50 a week. That’s $8.93 a day. Not an hour, a day. So, if you’re paying a planner $500 for their Day Of services, that means you are paying them $8.93 for your actual wedding day. What kind of service do you expect for less than $10 a day?

We pride ourselves on our experience, ratings, references and services. There are many planners to choose from, and while not all will suit your style, we recommend choosing one that does, even if that means going with one that charges a higher rate.

After all….hiring a cheap “planner” is like consulting Web MD instead of going to your doctor. The answer is always the same: cancer. 

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