That’s not champagne that you’re looking at, it’s Prosecco. It’s the newest bubbly being served from the downtown bar on New Year’s Eve to swanky wedding receptions across the country. Now, you can make your toast even more special by choosing France’s less expensive cousin from Italy. I mean, if it’s good enough for the Inaugural Ball of President Obama, you might just want to give it a try!

Prosecco is an Italian white wine made from Glera grapes. It has a dry to a semi-sweet taste and the amount of bubbles will vary depending on which one you purchase. It’s well worth to do a tasting of a few different types to see what you like. If your venue allows you to bring in your own Prosecco, spend a few months before your wedding trying a new bottle every week. You can set up a Friday night date night with your husband to be and have your very own cozy Prosecco tasting!

Just like Champagne, Prosecco can be customized to reflect your own taste. For instance, try having your venue serve it topped with Chambord and a strawberry to give it an extra special taste. You can pour it straight into the glass and garnish the top with raspberries. If you’re having a summer wedding and you’re still looking for a signature drink, why not try a Bellini? Prosecco is the original main ingredient! Having an Italian wedding? Offer the Italian cocktail: Sgroppino to your guests using Prosecco, Vodka, lemon sorbet and fresh mint leaves! The bubbly isn’t just for toasting anymore.

Prosecco differs from Champagne in many different ways. The process used to make it, cuts the price in half, and is something to consider if you’re looking for little ways to trim your budget. It also does not ferment in the bottle like Champagne does, and therefore should be drunk within 3 years of being produced. The younger the Prosecco, the better.

There are a wide variety of Prosecco’s offered and we would love to hear what your favorite one is! If you find one you love, please let us know so we can share it with all of the brides who visit this blog. This is a wonderful trend that will add that extra bit of bubbly to your reception!

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