You’re engaged, you call and tell everyone. You’re flooded with well wishes, congratulatory messages and tears of joy from those closest to you. 5 minutes pass, and those all turn into opinions on one thing or another. Thoughts from that bridesmaid who has never had a successful relationship, to your mother who is reliving her wedding day the way it “should’ve been”….who do you turn to? Sure, you love them and they love you and are happy for you…but, they’re also human, and will have plenty to say. 

Who is that one person that will always be on your side? Your planner. Your planner will be 100% team bride from day 1 of the planning process, to the very last dance at your wedding. When you need an honest opinion on the wedding dress you have your eye on, or a shoulder to cry on when none of your bridesmaids are getting their dresses on time, your planner will be there for you.

Everyone that surrounds you with love will want the best for your big day. But, it is always your wedding, and you should have that person you can trust to be Team Bride. Besides being an invaluable source of information, saving you money on their trusted vendors, and keeping everything together, your planner is on your side 100% of the time, no ulterior motives.

At Golden Wedding Planners, we want to take every step with you, from visiting venues to your grand exit after the reception. We’ll hold your hand, and help you make the best decisions for your big day. And when you want to vent about everyone else giving their opinion, we’ll be there for that too. Even if you have everything handled, our “Day Of” Coordination package is perfect for you, because there will be no one to depend on once that wedding march starts. Let us make sure your vendors show up on time, with what they were contracted to do….let us put together a timeline for you, and help the final show go off without a hitch. Let your guests (this includes your closest relatives) enjoy the wedding day right there with you, while we do all the work.

“A wedding planner is a mother, sister, friend, drill sergeant and psychologist.”

We hope you’ll pick us to be on your team! Email or call 732-236-4065 to set up your free consultation!


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