Every single bride we work with has a Pinterest account and we always ask to see it when we begin working together. We like to see what visually attracts them, where their minds are, and what ridiculous concept they are dreaming of that is more expensive than they could ever imagine.

Pinterest is a blessing and a curse.

Chock full of unbelievable photos and amazing inspiration, Pinterest is a great site to find foundation ideas for your wedding. You can find out what types of flowers you are drawn to, what colors look good together and really explore both traditional and non traditional designs. We love to use Pinterest to put together what the general feeling of a wedding will be for our brides.

However, Pinterest is full of death traps like linking brides to blogs about how they too can plan their entire wedding for under $5,000, and pins and pins of ceiling flower installations. If a bride isn’t careful, she will get sucked into the vortex of these pins and suddenly be wishing for a wedding that has a much higher price tag than she originally budgeted for. Or, a bride will be lulled into a false sense of security that her dream wedding complete with calla lillies and orchids, can be thrown together for her 300 person guest list for $10,000. 

Hello, this is Earth, come in bride! 

We wanted to take this time to offer a word of caution to all brides pinning their weddings on this amazing site. Take it for what it’s worth: a ton of amazing pictures to give you ideas about your big day. Do not use it as gospel, bible, or anything other than just a fun site to browse. While it’s helpful for us as planners to see what you really like, it’s tough to fight the bride that wants the clear tent with lights and is convinced that it exists for much less than we are quoting her. 

Put a filter on your pinterest. Go there to find colors and concepts, but don’t get carried away. It’s our job to help your vision become a reality, but let us keep you grounded along the way and not spend what was going to be a deposit on your first home together as a married couple.

Happy pinning!

Photo credit: Fusion Photography Studio

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