Better watch out…there are some wedding trends from 2014 trying to creep their way into 2015. We want to leave them (we didn’t really like them to begin with) and break into the New Year with amazing ideas and concepts. What trends made it onto the naughty list? We asked you to write in with your thoughts and together we have listed what to avoid on your wedding day!

1. The superhero shirts. We first saw this trend make an appearance in 2013 and it was cute. Once. But once it wound up on Pinterest, suddenly everyone wanted to do it. If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, it basically encompasses all of the groomsmen wearing a superhero shirt underneath their tux and the bridesmaids pulling the shirts back in a cute post-ceremony shot. It was creative and then it was done to death. We would like to see this trend stay in 2014.

2. Crop top wedding gowns. Oh. Wow. Crop tops are super popular…at the club, on the dance floor, for girl’s night out, whatever. We see them on the red carpet, instagram and everywhere else. I love crop tops and I love how creative women are getting with them. Where I don’t want to see them is on a bride. Maybe (and I stress that word) for a reception party gown, or for the “getaway” gown brides leave in after their reception, then it’s OK. But there is this traditional side to me that says that I don’t want to see your crop top walk down the aisle. If you have a fierce body, I am all about accentuating it (tastefully) and there are hundreds of other ways to do it. You might look good, it might be different, but your gown will be in 90% of your photos and 25 years from now, you want to look classic and not trendy. They didn’t have puffy paint gowns in the 80s, so this shouldn’t exist either. 

3. Smoke on the dance floor. Coming in on a cloud of smoke? Please don’t. You’re not floating or flying. It’s something we see at Sweet 16s and Mitzvahs and it’s fun at those parties. For your wedding there are so many ways to create a grand entrance that don’t involve a fog machine. Leave this for the kids and work with your planner to create the “wow” factor without the stratus clouds.

4. Money dances. Why? Why is this still being done? We had numerous people write in saying that they attended weddings with money dances and they didn’t know what was going on. This tradition started in Poland and offered the men at the wedding a chance to “pay” to dance with the bride. I am far from a hardcore feminist but even I find that a little strange. Money can be pinned to the bride’s gown (do you really want your gown pinned…by people that are drinking?) or put on her veil, or in an apron…or her shoes. There are many variations depending on what country you talk to. We would like to see this all go. Weddings are expensive, people are already bringing you gifts…you’re now asking for cash to be thrown at you while you dance. That’s what happens at the Bachelor Party too, FYI. Odds are your guests have given you a card which might contain cash…when the money dance comes up, if they feel pressured, we have seen guests go to their cards and grab that cash to be used. We have then seen the bride freak out because there’s nothing in the envelopes. Well….it’s on your dress. So, let’s just not do this anymore, ok?

5. Hashtag LOVE FOREVER AT THIS WEDDING. Social media has taken over. In fact, the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction, that we have many couples asking us to collect cell phones before the ceremony. They don’t want pictures winding up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else. In fact, they’ve even gone so far as to hire a professional photographer to make sure they get to see images from their big day. In 2014, we worked with couples to come up with a creative hashtag so that guests posting on social media could all do so under one album. In 2015, we’re hashtag over it. Include a note in your programs asking your guests to refrain from posting to social media. It’s bad enough when they are in the picture that your professional photographer is taking (waving their iPhone), but it’s worse when it’s on a social network and being shared by someone other than the bride and groom. 

6. Mustaches. I never really understood this. Is it funny? Is it cute? It’s a mustache….tied to a straw or whatever. Does it mean something? Whatever the purpose, it doesn’t matter. Let’s leave it in 2014 to never be seen again.

7. Ombre. Never been a fan of ombre hair, but ombre cakes, dresses, and so forth, that’s a different story. It’s a great way to not commit to particular colors (who wants to make a commitment on a wedding day?…pause for laughter), but everyone has figured it out. This is a trend that we really loved creating, but we’re happy to say that not a single bride has mentioned it for 2015. We’re hoping that it stays that way. Wishin’ and a hopin’.

8. Wedding tattoos. OMG stop the madness. There is this constant pressure on brides and grooms to “entertain” their guests. You know what’s entertaining? Good music, lots of dancing and an open bar. It’s not a circus and you don’t need “things to do” at a wedding. It’s a block of hours to take shots with your friends and family and tear it up on the dance floor. However, we started seeing (and now cannot unsee) tattoo “bars” at weddings. We have seen fake tattoos like the ones you get as a 6 year old at the circus and real tattoos. Yes, real tattoos being done by a licensed tattoo artist, at a wedding. This should not be happening. It’s just weird. 

Those are our (and yours) Top 8 trends that are on the naughty list! We’ve seen them, we’ve done them, and now it’s time to say “Bye Felicia” to all of them.

What else would you like to see go in 2015? Share with us in the comments below!

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