Flash! Bam! Showtime!

Whether it’s a reality television show, the movies, or a publication of a no budget wedding, frequently, a wedding becomes a show. When really, it should be about you two showing your love.

Brides and grooms can get overwhelmed with wanting their special day to stand out. Pressured to have a theme and lots of glitter, they find any way to go over the top so their guests will talk about their wedding for years to come. Now, there really is nothing wrong with glitter (though you can never really get it out of your hair), but we think a wedding shouldn’t be a spectacle, just for the sake of being a spectacle. It’s not about making your guests talk about how high the centerpieces are, and where you found dancing elephants for your reception. It’s about the two of you.

When planning your wedding, draw upon the romance and friendship that you share with your other half. Use your favorite colors, most memorable trips, and inside jokes to bring the wedding to life. Perhaps you both love camping, but you’re having your reception inside a hall lined with marble and you love sparkle and bling. Well, you can’t go camping without the stars above. Consider hiring a lighting technician to put stars on the ceiling so that when your guests enter from the cocktail hour, they are swept away into the romance that you two share. 

Being over the top and putting on a show is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that you’re showing everyone your love first. Happy planning!

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