Congratulations to Brad and Angie…and unless you live under a rock, you know we’re talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who are officially engaged. While they’ve already had the experience of being husband and wife as well as parents, we always love to see when a couple makes it official. With that said, not that we would ever be lucky enough to plan this one, we’re going to tell you what ideas we have for the gorgeous pair.

First and foremost is the dress. The dress is the centerpiece of the wedding, and once that and the venue are chosen, everything else will fall into place. Having no idea where they might get married (though their own backyard is suspected for this July 4th), we selected this gorgeous, yet understated Pnina Tornai gown from her 2012 collection. Given how much this couple has already been together and all they have been through, we just can’t picture Ms. Jolie in something big and poofy. This gown would be perfect for her gorgeous figure, and we trust she’d have a smile on her face unlike the model in the picture. The back is even better and would accentuate a feature she loves to….feature. 

Speaking of her face, we would love to see a soft upswept hairstyle perhaps with some crystal throughout. She’s the queen of “I just woke up looking this amazing”, and natural make-up, perhaps with a strong defined liquid eyeliner would work well with this gown. 

Brad has been on so many red carpets and looks amazing every time. But we can’t help but mention that he looks best in basic black. Think Ocean’s 11…12…and 13 premieres. While he looks good every way, we’re hoping he’ll opt for the clean shaven look with a well maintained hair-do to rock out this tuxedo we’ve selected for him. We’re not sure if he’d want to add any color to this, but we love the classic look for him plus a tie, we’re thinking long. Between the gown and the tuxedo, old Hollywood glam is the way we would go for these two. Oh, and no sunglasses Brad.

As much as we hate media speculation, if their lavish affair will be taking place at their French estate complete with a chapel on property, that gives us some amazing ideas for the flowers and theme. We’d love to see them keep the rustic feel complete with using branches and maybe as low-key as candles in mason jars. We could even see the bride walking down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet of cascading orchids seen pictured here.  Any lady lucky enough to be in her bridal party could carry a simple bouquet in similar colors but bunched the way this next bouquet is. 

Of course the theme needs to flow from the venue to the dress to the flowers and beyond. We see nothing but candles, creating that rustic romantic atmosphere these two have already created at their home in France. 

While your typical L.A. wedding is full of bling and crystal, we think these two shine on their own. There’s no need for huge centerpieces with diamonds, or sweeping chandeliers dripping in sparkles. Though we wouldn’t mind if Angelina were to pick a dress with a little sparkle, that she added it to a few touches throughout her reception. Less is more though with this reception space, and we’d love to see the candlelight reflecting off the tiniest bit of sparkle. We’d love to see her wedding party dressed in simple cream or champagne colors, to keep the mellow feel that this couple often exudes. All of this would add to the warmth of the ceremony and reception, making guests feel welcome and in the presence of true love.

Draping the tables in lace is what we would love to see. Along with some amazing chairs sans covers. The centerpieces should incorporate wood and soft colors, and we can’t forget to surround them with candles. The possibilities for candles and candleholders are endless, but stringing some pearls around them would really complete the look. It isn’t necessary to just have one centerpiece either, not when you can add several different types per table. We love varying the heights to give the room dimension, and no doubt this room will be able to carry it.

Those are just a few of our thoughts about how we would start planning the big day for Brad and Angelina. We don’t want to post too much more and give away our ideas for free…plus we’re going to go wait by the phone for them to call and hire us.

That’s how we see one of our favorite couples. Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. We hope to hear from you soon!

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