“You are sunlight and I moon, joined by the Gods of Fortune…
….midnight and high noon..sharing the sky.
We have been blessed, you and I…”
-Miss Saigon-

A wedding is the best chance to express to your love how much you need them in your life. It’s also a stage for everyone else to see how strong your bond is, and how much you mean to each other.

But sometimes, words aren’t so easy to come by. You know how much you love your partner, so why can’t you say it? Are there truly no words good enough to express how your heart only feels right when you are both together? Is there nothing that can be said that would convey how crazy in love you both are? Many couples struggle to find the right words, whether they be your vows, or the lyrics in your first dance…or even a song you want to sing with each other. Enter Broadway musicals.

For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I am passionate about theatre. I have been performing most of my life, and the stage is a place where I feel truly alive. I met my husband working in the theatre, and we have bonded over many beautiful and romantic songs. It seemed an obvious choice to weave them into our ceremony, and I would invite others to do the same.

Now what if you’re not a theatre buff? What if you’ve only seen Cats or Oklahoma and don’t know anything else? Google is your friend, and iTunes is an even better one. There are countless love stories sweeping Broadway stages, and there’s bound to be more than one that speaks to you and your love. Look up “romantic broadway show lyrics”, and then listen to a few on iTunes!

The lyrics quoted above are from “Miss Saigon”, and while this love store has a tragic ending, the passion these two share for each other is something many only wish they could have in their lives. A simple search of the lyrics and you might find a story that relates to you.

Then again, you might be a fun, laid back couple, always making a joke out of anything. Pick a charming show that makes your guests laugh and shows off your sense of humor! Perhaps your style is sophisticated and you want your ceremony to be just that. Whatever you both are, there are so many options to choose from, and there’s no need to rely on the latest pop song to show how you care. And while there’s nothing wrong with country (though this wedding planner doesn’t care for it), odds are you’d kind find a stronger sentiment in a Broadway song than you can in anything that’s won a country music award.

So do a little digging! Put some lyrics in your vows. Find that perfect first dance. Ask someone special to sing a song from a show as you walk down the aisle. Open your mind to the possibilities of the Broadway musical, and you just might find that piece of your ceremony you didn’t know what missing.

“There were bells, on the hill,
but I never heard them ringing…
No I never heard them at all,
till there was you…”
-The Music Man-

….dedicated to my music man and my partner for life….


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