We were recently interviewed on our thoughts about color combinations….the dos and don’ts, the best way to make a decision, what matches the best…

Many times couples can’t decide on what their favorite color is, and they feel like they have a lack of direction. She likes pastels and pinks, he likes grays and silvers, and they agree that all of them are beautiful. But the best way to choose a color palette is to work with the basics.

It’s very important to finalize the date of your wedding so that you know what season you will be in. Take some time to do a quick google search and find out the flowers that are in season for your area. Do those flowers fit the image that you want for your wedding day and if so, what colors do they come in? 

Next would be to decide how you want each and every room to look. What magazines and websites are you drawn to? Are you more of a “Style me Pretty” bride, or does Grace Ormonde really inspire you? Look at the colors that are being used for those styles and ask yourself if you’re drawn to them. Can you see the flowers in your head and do you want to put your bridal party in those colors?

The colors that you choose should flow from moment to moment without being overpowering. Whether you decide to have just one color in varying shades, or mix it up with three complimentary colors, make sure these details are present in everything including your invitations right down to the linens.

What colors have you selected for the big day, and was it a challenge? Tell us your story and you might be featured in an upcoming blog!


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