Everyone knows that next to picking the perfect husband, the most important item in a wedding, is the perfect dress.

But let’s face it, dresses can be very expensive, even for the ones with minimal details. Not into all the bling and poof that we’re seeing at wedding after wedding? Is your style more casual and laid back…and are you one of those brides that just doesn’t want to spend thousands on a dress you’ll only wear once?

J. Crew to the rescue. The picture I have posted is just one of their gorgeous gowns from their collection. Ladies, this dress is only $700, and they have dresses with even lower prices!

What’s so refreshing about the J. Crew wedding line is the simplicity of even their most elaborate gowns. They work well for the casual garden wedding, a ceremony on the beach, or anywhere our casual bride wants to celebrate her special day.

With all of that money that brides can save on the gown, it will be easier to accessorize without guilt and keep with that simplistic feel. You can add embellishment to your hair using barrettes, or even just flowers. J. Crew has veils that are short and sweet and ones that drop down to your toes. If you’re looking for that special piece of jewelry, they have that to offer as well.

Let’s not forget those special girls helping to celebrate your day…J. Crew offers bridesmaids’ dresses in a variety of both lengths and colors. Some dresses are as low as $59.00.

Of course, J. Crew is famous for its standard clothing line, so don’t forget to do some honeymoon shopping with all of that money you just saved for your big day.

For all of their beautiful looks, visit: http://www.jcrew.com/wedding.jsp

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