Wedding cakes are absolutely the traditional way to go. There’s so much you can do with them…real flowers, different flavors each layer, fondant, colors, etc. But what if the cake just isn’t your style and you’re looking to add something a little different to the same old dessert you’ve seen at every wedding?

Cupcakes are the new trend in wedding cake substitute. I found a fabulous place in Ridgewood, New Jersey called “Cupcakes by Carousel” and invite you to check out their website here: The picture posted is their wedding cupcake but you would be surprised how much more they have to offer. I spoke with Emily and she told me how brides have added this to their wedding by using tiers of cupcakes, mixing them up, changing the colors and even requesting specific ingredients.

If you go the cupcake route, you want to make sure you have enough for everyone to enjoy so plan carefully. Next you’ll have to decide how you want to incorporate your theme. You can do anything from showcasing your colors, tiers of candied cupcakes or even shaping them like a wedding cake.

Another option is to substitute cupcakes in for the groom’s cake. You could place the cupcakes next to your wedding cake and then make something special out of the cupcakes for your groom celebrating his passions in life. Maybe he likes to fish, so you could use the “worm in dirt” cupcake from Carousel.

I highly recommend Cupcakes by Carousel if you’re close by. Not only are they extremely helpful, but their cupcakes are beautiful and they taste amazing. Think of all the cute pictures you will get of your guests enjoying something a little different at the end of your reception.


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