I was recently inspired by TLC’s show “Say Yes to the Dress” to write this blog about all the different types of wedding gowns, and the women who think they look good in them.

Recently, there was a woman on who insisted on a trumpet style gown (see picture if you don’t know what a trumpet style is), but it was completely wrong on her. She wouldn’t even allow the consultant to show her any other styles, and despite her friends’ opinions that sat there and disliked every trumpet she played, she “knew what was best” and only wanted that style. At the end of the show she walked out without a dress because not even she was happy about how she looked. Why wasn’t she happy? Because she was about 5’3 and roughly 45-50 pounds overweight.

There are so many styles that a bride can choose from and some styles are even so close together that one may look fabulous while the other might look dreadful. Women need to be fully aware of their shape before shopping for a dress, and then understand that their favorite style might never look beautiful on them.

Aside from the cut of the dress, a strapless dress is often the most popular. I did not wear strapless because I have very broad shoulders and would’ve looked like a linebacker if I didn’t break it up with some straps. Strapless also slips a lot and it’s a pain in the ass. Depending on how high up the neckline goes, there is a chance that you would pinch the skin under your armpit area, and if you’re overweight, there will be spillage. If you find yourself trying on strapless dress after strapless dress and cannot figure out the problem, just give one with straps a try and see if it makes a difference. Always be open to different styles.

Mermaid/trumpet dresses are very difficult to pull off, especially if you have any sort of hips. The models you see in the magazine have these typical measurements: 34-23-34. A trumpet dress has more material and it hugs the bodice all the way around. The mermaid is sexier and it will emphasize every single curve of your body. Be honest with yourself and ask if you want everything emphasized or not. Tall also works better with these styles and if you’re on the shorter side, you’ll find that big huge heels will make a difference. Are you ready to wear those all day?

A-lines offer a slightly less dramatic and less severe structure than the mermaid or trumpet, but the same general idea. The waist is dropped and it doesn’t hug you all the way to your knees or even straight to your hip. There are variations on the bottom anywhere from ballgown to just a simple slip. If you want a little more freedom, this is a great style to try.

Then there are the many ways that you can wear the top: strapless, cap sleeves, long sleeves, off the shoulder, everything! Just because one thing doesn’t look right on you, doesn’t mean you can’t open your mind to others. Think about the dresses in your closet and what you think your best features are. Don’t try on a dress with the idea that you’ll drop 30 pounds before the wedding day. Be realistic. If something doesn’t look good and doesn’t feel right, try something else.

You never know..you might surprise yourself!

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