Your wedding is all about the personal style of you and your partner. But so many weddings look the same! There are ideas that have been done, colors that have been seen, and if you’re starting to think that you need to wear something other than white to make your wedding stand out, then this blog entry is for you!

There are some simple ways to make your special day stand out. The key is to keep your focus and do one thing at a time. Look at the big parts of your wedding: vows, music, food and invitations to showcase your style.

First and foremost, write your own vows. Of course traditional vows are romantic and beautiful, but this is the only chance to verbally express to your mate how you feel. A wedding is about the coming together of two hearts, but too often it becomes all about the show. No matter what your budget, you can afford your own vows because they are free! Whether you’re inspired by poetry, lyrics or movie quotes, find a way to make your words special. Maybe you still have that first sweet card that was written to you from your soon to be spouse. Use those words and tell your love how much they mean to you.

The music you play will set the tone for the entire reception. Don’t just limit yourself to one type of music! Mix it up so that everyone will get a spin around the dance floor. Music shouldn’t just be confined to the reception either, when there should be music during the ceremony and cocktail hour as well. Whether it’s a band or a DJ, or a string quartet or a barbershop quartet, let the music reflect your life as a couple. Take the time to work on a playlist and even the order of the music. Invite friends to sing (if they can…seriously, bad singers have no place at a wedding, ever) during the ceremony or at the reception…or the after-party!

Your food choices say a lot about you. If you’re a seafood lover, bring on the raw bar. Celebrating your Southern Italian heritage, then pasta with different sauces will do the trick! Just don’t forget to have a wide variety. Just because you don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean your guests don’t. It’s not nice to let your guests starve, so make sure that everyone is happy.

The first entrance into a wedding is the save the date and invitation. It sets the tone and sits on your guests’ fridge for the months leading up to the big day. You can use magnets, paper, cloth or wood, just make sure it ties into your whole theme. Taking engagement photos? Then put those on the save the dates! There are numerous websites where you can simply point and click and ship your invites. My advice? If you’re overwhelmed, don’t just “pick anything”. Bookmark some of your favorites and come back to it on another day when you’re relaxed and have a clear head.

No matter your budget, with a little time and effort you can make your personal style shine through your special day! For more tips and ideas, contact us at and let us know how we can help!

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