Golden Wedding Planners is starting a new feature called “Danielle’s Pick of the Week”! This will be a hot new trend that we love and want to share with our readers. To kick off this new feature, we introduce the mixing of long and round tables.

We recently had a venue visit with one of our September couples, and during the conversation the idea of adding long tables came up. At first, the idea might seem a little scary, especially to our more traditional couples, but we are officially married to the idea!

Adding long tables to your reception will give the room a different look and add some dimension. It will also create a family-like atmosphere for all of your guests since these long tables can seat between 20-40 people. If space is an issue, and your guest list is a little too high for the room, adding long tables can help the room stay big and not overcrowded. 

There’s also a major opportunity to mix up whatever it is you’re putting on your tables. From flowers to candles, a long table will require something a little different than your round tables. You can even mix up the linens and add a runner on top of the table cloth. 

Long tables aren’t necessarily just for the casual bride either. They can be just as decked out and dressed up as their round and oval counterparts. 

So go ahead and entertain the idea of entertaining your guests the long way! It’s something a little different, and they’ll be sure to remember it, and maybe even steal the brilliant idea. That’s why long tables are Danielle’s Pick of the Week!

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