You spend months, maybe even over a year planning your special day. You look into all of the details, making sure that everything flows from the invitations to the flowers to the wardrobe. While you work hard to have each item reflect the overall theme, there are times when gaps occur. 
Often, clients of ours do not have time to do a walk through of their entire day. We at Rothweiler Event Design ( do a complete walk through anywhere from 3-5 times before the day of the event. We take pictures of every angle from floor to ceiling, because your guests will be drawn to every inch of the space. This means that even though your venue might have some candles on the fireplace mantle, if they don’t fit your design, they need to be substituted with something that does.
Your event planner will most likely walk through your venue space within the first month after signing the contract together. This is a rough walk to get a general idea of the canvas they can work with. As the date gets closer, the walk throughs increase, and are often done with other vendors from florists to furniture companies. One of the most important pieces of putting together an event, is knowing the space inside and out in the correct lighting. 
Our next wedding space will be utilizing an entire building with multiple rooms. It would be silly to just have the florist concentrate on the centerpieces, when there is so much more to decorate. Besides draping the walls in something different, we’ll be adding flowers in unexpected places to go with the “garden” theme our bride fell in love with on day one. We recently walked through the venue with the florist as if we were guests, and our eyes went to all of those spaces that just seemed empty. While we’re not going over the top, we’re just looking to make the room come together. This is the same principle you would use when decorating your home.
What about your last event? Did you work your signature color into every room? How did you add your little touches at places like the bar or even the washroom? Let us know how you kept your theme going in every inch of your venue!

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