Summer is finally here, and we’re waist deep in event season! From weddings to divorce parties to graduations and more, we’re busy planning every detail for our fabulous clients! With summer comes the need to be outdoors and celebrate right along with Mother Nature. But this summer, Mother Nature hasn’t been that kind to New Jersey. So we wanted to pass along a few tips for how to survive her mood swings, and welcome you to add in your own!

Everyone that wants to have their party outside, never wants to think about their “Plan B”. Let’s face it, if Plan B was as fantastic as Plan A, it would already be….Plan A! But this is something to consider and be realistic about. Whether you’re having an event at a banquet hall, or at one of our private estates as pictured above, there is no reason to be scared of the rain and the changes you will have to make.

Tenting is a great option. If you are insistent that your event take place outdoors, we recommend looking into tents, and getting the best. The tents that we use can withstand the rain, heat, cold and wind. You’ll still get the feeling of being outside, without the nightmare of getting your hair soaked. For one of our clients we used a completely clear tent, and even though it didn’t rain, many of her guests wanted to take cover inside and away from the pesky mosquitoes. The clear ceiling provided a beautiful way to see the stars at night without the need for bug spray. 

Heat and the sun can be lovely for a day at the beach, but not for a ceremony that lasts longer than 5 minutes. It’s important to provide your guests ways to be comfortable from flip flops to fans and yes, even sunscreen. Typically the guests of honor won’t notice the mercury rising, but the guests certainly will. Bottled water goes a long way, as does a ceremony that starts on time and moves quickly. Don’t forget to mention on your invitation that the event will be outside so that guests can prepare however they feel necessary. And be ready to go at the scheduled start time.

Your guests will notice if the weather is completely changing their plans, so find a way to really surprise them. Don’t give away all of the details of your big day to your guests, no matter how much they ask. Whether it’s late night cookies and milk, a surprise percussion section, or a sparkly send off, keep those details quiet! Everyone attending will be so happy to see that not only did you party go off without a hitch, but there were a few surprises there too…the last thing they will be thinking about is the weather.

How do you keep your Plan B as fantastic as Plan A? Let us know in the comments section!

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