You’ve been invited to a formal affair, and on the invitation it states: black tie optional. Now what? What’s acceptable? How dressy is this? Should you just wear a tux? We have your answers covered in this blog!

“Black Tie Optional”, according to Wikipedia, states that you “should not dress down for a black tie optional event, but you can choose to wear either full black tie garb (e.g. a tux for men and a floor length gown for women), or you can wear a nice suit for men and a very nice dress for women.”

This especially means, no jeans. No khakis either. Yes, gentlemen, you must wear a jacket!

We believe that it is always better to overdress than underdress. Think how silly you might feel if you choose something simple and not formal, and then you look around and see a sea of suits and tuxes. Always overdress to avoid this embarrassing moment! Should you decide to wear a suit, play it safe and wear black, or a very dark navy blue. A tie isn’t necessary but we strongly recommend one!

For ladies, a dress is the easiest way to go, and a floor length one at that. Of course, if you prefer a short dress, that is fine too, but it must be formal. Don’t forget to jazz it up with some blingy earrings or fancy shoes. The easy way out? Wear a long black gown. It’s classic and easy and every closet should have one. Don’t forget to match your purse with your ensemble to really pull everything together.

Incidentally, our cocktail party for January 9, 2014 is a black tie optional event! We recommend visiting Elizabeth Johns in Morristown for gowns or Robert’s Tuxedos in Totowa for suits and tuxedos. We will be featuring their designs in our fashion show that night, so feel free to stop by and pick up something to wear!

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