One of the appointments that we accompany our clients to is the florist appointment. We see a lot of people struggle to convey their vision for flowers on the big day, so we act as the translator and offer up some ideas of our own. It’s also important for us to be there because the florist will ask questions that our clients might not know the answer to. And hey, we love to play with flowers and get creative, so that’s a bonus. 

We work with some of the best florists in the world. Thankfully, we are in an area with florists are at the top of their game and there is a “right one” out there for every client. We believe in having a good energy vibe with all vendors, but especially with those that will be responsible for carrying out your vision. Recently, we got stuck by a thorn.

Sometimes our events take us into brand new areas, which means working with brand new people. In one recent case, that meant using a florist we have never worked with before. Scary, but that’s how you meet new talent! 

Getting a date on the calendar where we could be there at the same time as our clients and the florist, was no easy task. It took awhile but we finally came together on the date. The florist was very close to the venue, so for myself and for my clients, that meant a one way 1.5-2 hour drive. With our appointment booked for 12pm, we were set.

Except at 9:43am, I received an email (not a phone call, an email) from the florist saying that she would not be there, but someone else would be taking care of us. 

That. Is. Unacceptable. Why? Because we have been working extensively with one person and it took forever and a year to get a date on the calendar that we all could agree to. But now, it’s too late because I knew my clients were already on their way out there and I wasn’t far behind. 

I have a rule: if it doesn’t bother my clients, it doesn’t bother me. I probably will deal with it after the event or never work with that person again, but I can bite my tongue in the meantime. 

We show up and needless to say, my clients are not happy. Their disappointment is not just from finding out that the person that committed to the appointment is not here, but that the person in her place had no idea what was going on and simply responded that she would have to ask the person we were supposed to meet with.

Well, then why are we even here?

In case you’re wondering, there was no emergency keeping the florist away, she just made other plans. Seriously. That’s what happened.

After we walked outside, my clients really expressed to me how unhappy they were and how they pretty much killed their day for nothing. They asked if I could work something out and of course, I was happy to.

Composing my thoughts in an email, I politely explained why this was disappointing and how a phone call would’ve been the way to go. I expected to get something, anything in return. An apology, an offer for a complimentary bouquet, whatever.

What I got, was this: “Clearly this location is too far for you, so maybe you should just select another florist.”

Yes. That was the response. 

The bottom line is this: If you say you’re going to be at an appointment, you need to be at that appointment. If you’re sending in your understudy, you need to pick up the phone with some advance notice. An email 15 minutes before we begin the journey is not acceptable. It’s just not. 

Needless to say, I found us another florist. With better pricing, better flowers and a better attitude. 

There are some weeds out there. We’re armed with weed killer.


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