Rothweiler Event Design is proud to announce New Jersey’s second Same Sex Wedding Giveaway! Last year, we made history when New Jersey legalized same sex marriage, and Kris and Wesley won a complete wedding package to celebrate their union! One year later, same sex marriage is being celebrated again as we have partnered with Vegas NJ in Randolph to giveaway another wedding package to one lucky couple!
If you and your partner are engaged in New Jersey, or if you know of a deserving couple, please send in a story complete with pictures to [email protected] The deadline to enter is October 24, 2014.
All finalists will be invited to a cocktail party on November 6, 2014 and MUST be present to win this incredible prize!
We are looking forward to another amazing celebration and cannot wait to read your story! Don’t delay!
1. Contest is open to all same sex (man and man, or woman and woman) couples that reside in The State of New Jersey and are engaged to be married.
2. Couples must each be 21 years of age or older at the launch of this contest (August 27, 2014).
3. Couples agree to allow their essays and photographs to be published on the social media sites of all participating vendors that are donating their services. These pages includes but are not limited to Rothweiler Event Design and Vegas NJ.
4. Couples are to “like” the pages of all participating vendors which will be updated on the Facebook page of Rothweiler Event Design throughout the contest.
5. Finalists will be contacted on or before October 31, 2014. If, for some reason, any finalist is unreachable, or unable to be contacted by that date, they will forfeit their spot and another couple will be selected.
6. Each contestant agrees to be present for the announcement of the winner on November 6, 2014 at 7pm at Vegas NJ in Randolph, NJ. 
7. The winning couple will be selected by the participating vendors. All decisions are final.
8. The winning couple agrees to work with each individual vendor that is giving away their services for their wedding day. The packages that the vendors are giving away are at the sole discretion of the vendors.
9. The winning couple agrees to allow their wedding to be photographed and published in multiple media outlets.
10. The winning couple agrees to allow their wedding to be recorded for future media use.
11. The winning couple agrees to hold their wedding on a date that has been pre-selected by all vendors involved. This date is non-negotiable. Should the winning couple not agree to this date, they will forfeit their prize, and another couple will be selected.
12. The wedding guest count giveaway includes up to 70 guests (including the couple). If the couple chooses to have more than 70 guests at their wedding (maximum 150), they agree to pay the difference to all of the vendors involved to cover the additional costs if necessary.
13. The winning couple agrees to be interviewed for the media and publications regarding their wedding planning, relationship, etc.
14. The winning couple will be awarded various prizes for their wedding package. These prizes have already been pre-determined and are non-negotiable.  

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