Something borrowed, something new, something old, something…cerulean?

Brides are always looking for ways to put a fresh spin on old traditions for their weddings. Now, Anthropologie is here to show brides how to make that something blue, something spectacular!

Anthropologie has come out with a collection named “BHLDN”…aka Beholden. This collection stays true to their everyday look of very earthy, natural and soulful. Whether it’s an airy dress for your wedding day, or a flowing gown for your bridesmaids, if you adore their style in their everyday stores, then this is the place to look to add that flair to your wedding.

One of their collections is simply called “Something Blue”, and from the cerulean clutch pictured at left, to the blue butterfly broch they offer, the possibilities are endless. Something I love about this collection is also how timeless each of the pieces are. I love the idea of preserving the wedding gown for your future daughter, but what about saving these little trinkets as well? Something blue could easily become something borrowed or old as well.

Not into the whole “stashing it into the closet until someone else can use it in 20 years” thing? These pieces can be used everyday. The clutch pictured can be used in real life too, unlike cheesy white wedding shoes. So while some of the pieces might be slightly expensive, if you get to use them time and time again, it will be worth it.

Time to think outside of the box brides! When you’re celebrating your anniversaries, have a piece of your wedding with you! When your friends get married and ask what you used for something blue, make sure you used something that you’ll always remember. Every little detail of your wedding should have thought and purpose behind it. Let your something blue say something about you!

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