Putting together your tables and seating assignments can be one of the toughest decisions you make while planning your wedding. Though you will have your entire engagement to decide where people are going to sit, you’ll have to decide fairly early on if you are going to have a head table or a sweetheart table. Once you know this information, it will be easier for your venue to show how the other tables can be arranged, and many other ideas will start to come together.

But what if you can’t decide between a head table and a sweetheart table? What if you want your bridal party around you, but the idea of sitting in a line is a little 80s to you? What if you want a head table, but you’re getting some argument from your party who would rather sit with their spouses? Remember, at the end of the day, it is your day, but let’s see what options you have!

First off, a head table can be beautiful. It’s the centerpiece of the wedding reception where you get to showcase your dress, your new husband, your closest friends/family, and the fabulous dresses you picked out. Speeches are easy to give and since the head table is at the front of the room, everyone will be able to face the same direction to see. Many times the head table is elevated above the rest of the room, which will also give you a great view of everyone having the time of their lives at your wedding.

That said, if many of your attendants are married and with their significant others, you can consider having them also sit at the head table. But be careful because if you have a large wedding party, finding a table or tables to make that work can be tricky. It is true that no one spends a great deal of time at their table except to sit down for dinner, but keep in mind that your bridesmaids and groomsmen might want to spend that time with their spouses.

Just because you have a head table, doesn’t mean everyone at one long table either. You can break it up into multiple tables, all still at the front of the room, facing the crowd. This is easily accomplished by placing 3-4 couples at each table, either bridesmaid with groomsmen, or attendant with their significant other. Make it fun and have each table showcase a different centerpiece! Have the tables stand out and use lighting under the tablecloths. This is your chance to showcase a very pretty picture, so get creative.

If you don’t want to go the headtable route, the sweetheart table is a great idea too! Many couples prefer this so that they can spend some alone time with their new spouse. Of course, people will be visiting the table all night, so be prepared to be interrupted! With a headtable, you can utelize your bouquet as a centerpiece, as well as the bridesmaid’s flowers. This is great because you both have your own flowers and the bouquets aren’t just used for walking down the aisle and pictures afterwards.

Sweetheart tables also give you the option of seating your attendants with their guests. You also can have a sweetheart table, plus a table for your attendants.

The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong way! Always think about how you would envision the tables when you visit your venue. Try and visit your venue when they are setting up for a wedding with and without a head table.

Tell me what you think! What type of table will you be using for your wedding?

*image from tusconweddingsite.com*

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