published a Top 10 list of things that you should never say to a bride. I want to print this list out a billion times, rent a helicopter and rain it down every weekend in every location that a wedding is taking place.

Read the full list here:

Number 3 is near and dear to our hearts and should be numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well. Telling the bride “don’t panic but…” or any rendition of same on her wedding day is a capital offense. The person that says it should immediately be ejected from the room, through the ceiling and off the planet. I’m serious.

First of all, why are you even saying it? So that you can present a “solution” and be the hero for the day? Newsflash: it’s not your day. You are not going to be the hero by presenting a way to avert a crisis. Want to be a hero? Fix the problem and never say a thing. We know how hard that is to do in a society where people clamor to get credit just for putting their pants on the right way, but do it. 

Does the bride have a wedding planner? I cannot tell you the amount of times that Aunt Lily or Sister in Law Betty comes to the bride with this nonsense *right in front of me*. What do you think I have been doing the entire planning process? I have been putting fires out and making sure that the bride never has a reason to panic, least of all, on her wedding day. If there is an issue, bringing it up in front of me doesn’t show the bride that she didn’t need a wedding planner, it shows the bride that she *did* need one because you are a headache and are causing issues that I am hired to make go away. Don’t you dare make issues on the day of the wedding in front of me. Don’t do it at all.

The absolute last thing a planner, by the way, wants to hear from some friend or family member on the wedding day is a suggestion of how things should be done. We don’t show up at your job on Monday morning to give you suggestions. We have it handled, go attend to the bride. We do not need your two cents, help with set up, or anything other service that you are offering solely because you want to show how “helpful” you are. 

Furthermore, don’t offer your suggestions to the bride because when the planner walks in and finds out that you have manipulated her into your way of thinking, you might be taken into the hallway for a “talk”. Telling the bride your concerns about the timeline or anything else that has been planned meticulously by us, is a reason for you to be scolded (and you will be) by us. You don’t understand something? You truly think there is a reason to panic? Tell the planner and we will handle it. No planner? Then keep it to yourself. 

Unless the venue has burnt down to the ground, her dress has gotten eaten by dragons and all of the flowers have mysteriously died, then do not, I repeat, do not talk to the bride about how she should panic BUT. 

Thanks to for this amazing list. We hope it reaches everyone that it needs to.

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