Pretty much everywhere around the country is freezing now and covered with snow…and now is a very popular time for those destination weddings, where the only thing white on the ground is the sand.

Since these weddings are frequently outdoors, you will need a hairstyle that will work with the elements…especially the island breezes.

So you want to work with your hair, and not against it. This is not the time to go against your natural wave, but it is the time to embrace it. One of my favorite products to use in the summer is SurfSpray by Bumble and Bumble. This product will bring out the natural texture of your hair and is super easy to use. Spray it on dry hair, wet hair, whatever. It will give you that “I just came from the ocean and always look this sexy” look. You can buy it here:

Whether you leave your hair down, or put it up, let the islands inspire you. Don’t hesitate to add flowers, shells, starfish, or whatever you find beautiful about the place you’re getting married in.

One thing that is important to be careful of is to make sure your hairstyle doesn’t conflict with the neckline of your dress. If you have beautiful details in the forms of straps, you don’t want to hide it under surfer girl hair. You can pin is loosely or take it completely off your neck. If you have too much going on it just looks busy and not pretty. You also want to make sure that your hair, even if it’s all down, stays off your face. The last thing you will need is your hair blowing in your face during your ceremony and making it impossible to get through your vows.

Word of caution with hair that is completely down: don’t wear lip gloss. Should your hair go across your face, it will drag the color right off your lips and be a sticky mess. There’s a chance you won’t even notice that your coral lipgloss is on your cheek until you see the wedding photos that you’re paying all of this money for. Trust me, that lipgloss across your face is not easy to photoshop out. Just say “no” to gloss outside.

Even if your wedding isn’t a destination, you can always use these casual looks for your ceremony. Be creative and use your imagination…and of course, a hairstylist isn’t a bad idea either.

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