Ever wonder how you could enhance the look of your wedding? Your linens are beautiful, the florist did a great job, but what makes the room complete? Fabulous lighting, of course!

I recently stumbled across “Luminous Designs” while searching for a lighting designer for a wedding we are currently working on. Seems that there is more to offer than just uplighting.

This company shows off their talents hanging chandeliers from tents, globes from ceiling, swallowing the whole room in a wash of reds, you name it, they do it.

Think of your wedding as a movie. What does every great movie have in common? Beautiful lighting. Lighting is a great way to showcase what your other vendors have already put together for you.

You can keep it simple, and have your initials splashed up on a wall, or designs of flowers or snowflakes, or you can really turn it up. For instance, say your colors are purple, orange and golds for a fall wedding, why not have your flowers be deep purples and plums with orange accents while drenching the entire room in a golden hue? There are so many ways to play with it.

Don’t just think about the walls, there are ways to decorate the ceiling and the floor as well. If your ceiling is a white tent, why not turn it into a canopy of leaves using lights? Perhaps turn your floor into an icy blue color all night for your winter wedding.

Lighting doesn’t always have to be big and bold. If you have a small wedding planned, pinches of lighting here and there can complete the total picture. Whether it’s lighting the entrance and archways that guests walk through, or places bright bulbs outside the venue, there are many options.

I invite you to take a look at Luminous Designs’ Website here: http://www.luminousld.com/

Happy Lighting!

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