Some couples not only want their wedding to be different…but their honeymoons need to stand out as well. A typical island honeymoon not what you and your sweetie are after? A winter wonderland of skiing not in the cards? How about a trip to Africa?

This blog is inspired by the many couples I have been speaking with over the past two months that are going on safari for their honeymoons. They will be traveling to Africa to see some of the biggest and most beautiful animals in the world. The options are endless for the couple that wants to try something new.

I first heard about the African safari experience when my father sent me some pictures from his trip about a year ago. He was up close and personal with the lions and tigers and bears…ok, maybe not bears, but you get the picture. His description of how close he could get to the animals scared me, but I’m finding more and more couples longing for the same experience.

I came across a website: (incidentally, that’s where the above picture is from) and it’s a great place to start for the couple that isn’t sure what they would be in for on this adventure. This website is great because it offers so many different packages, and there’s really something for everyone. Whether you want to get up close and personal, or have a laid back experience that’s way better than a trip to the zoo, you should check this website out!

Now, just because you’re on safari, doesn’t mean you’ll have to be in a tent sleeping under the stars. No sir! There are some beautiful accommodations in Africa from 5 star hotels sitting at the foot of a mountain, to luxury villas on the beach. I love this because it keeps the romance alive on an otherwise adventurous honeymoon. Many of the hotels offer spas and massages as well, to spend some peaceful, quiet time with your new partner in life.

So, if you’re looking for a little adventure, take a look into an African Safari honeymoon. Who knows, it might be the right place for you both!

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