Here at Golden Wedding Planners, we believe that your dress and your venue should be the first two things you select for your wedding day. Everything else will simply fall into place. But committing to a wedding gown, a dress that will be in 90% of the pictures, seen all day and worn only once, can be a little scary. When you’re buying the gown you probably won’t be walking down the aisle for another year afterwards…so how do you pick something that you know you’ll love later? Pick something amazing. Simple right?

Introducing Essence of Australia. One of our favorite dress shops in New Jersey, I Do! I Do! in Morristown, will be bringing this amazing line to their stores this June. Incidentally, they are our “vendor of the month” so make sure to check that out at and tell them we sent you!

Essence offers a wide variety of gowns, one more different than the next. In fact, the gown pictured above comes with a detachable lace overlay, which transforms this dress into something completely different. This is perfect for the bride who wants to walk down the aisle in one gown, and into the reception in something different. 

Their website is located here: and when you visit you’ll be able to find a store near you that carries their dresses, as well as a list of trunk shows. While Essence isn’t new, having been around for the past 14 years, we want to make sure that as many brides know about this line as possible. Consider it a little industry hint to you from us! 

Right now there are 7 stores in New Jersey that carry this line, but no matter what state you’re in, there’s a store locator on their website:

Buying an Essence gown? Already wear one down the aisle? Let us know and send pictures to for a chance to win a prize and be featured in an upcoming blog!

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