Once the date is picked, many brides vow to lose weight and start taking care of themselves. Whether it’s a new gym membership, trips to the spa once a month, or getting that makeover from your stylist, every bride is different. We asked some of our brides what their beauty regime is leading up to the big day.

Many of our brides said that looking amazing in their gown was their number one priority. A few even hired a personal trainer. Since many of our ladies reside in the very cold state of New Jersey, they don’t get that outside running time anymore. Because of this, many have picked up some work out gear for their house. Two of our brides said they are even looking into hiring a nutritionist to switch up their diet.

Of course, as the big day gets even closer, the beauty regime steps up. This can be anything from piling on the spray tans, religiously taking your make up off at night, and deep conditioning your lovely locks. 

What about you? What are you doing to look picture perfect for that big day? Do you have any secrets you want to share with other brides? Tell us right here!


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