It’s amazing how inspiration can strike. A bride says the word “carnival” and instantly, we’re thinking about how to make it work. Brides with this theme in mind, typically want to incorporate the outdoors, which means bringing in some tents. Instead of just having your basic white tent, why not take it up a notch, and have a full on carnival!

If you’re tenting different areas for your cocktail hour and then reception, save the carnival tent for the reception to really “wow” your guests. But don’t stop there! 

This is a great time to hire performers. Whether you bring animals onto the property, or have someone breathing fire, a circus theme allows for these performers to be there without stealing your show. Food trucks, a big trend right now, are also perfect for this type of event. Who doesn’t love a little late night funnel cake and cotton candy?

What do you think? Is the circus right for your wedding or next big event? Tell us how you would really kick it up a notch!

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