“I’m at Table 3.”

Sounds boring doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to.

Think you’ve thought about every detail and how to personalize your wedding down to the last thought? Well, what are you naming your tables?

That’s right, name your tables. Who says your tables have to be numbered?

The picture I have chosen to accompany this post was borrowed from theknot.com and featured a wedding that took place in NY State. Clearly, this couple has a shared bond over classical music, hence the table name “Tchaikovsky”.

This is one of the details of your wedding that actually gets to be more fun than stressful. You get to spend time with the person you love and talk about what you both enjoy and have in common.

The possibilities for table naming are endless. Personally, my wedding took place at a winery and we named the tables after wines that we love.

Where is your wedding taking place? Any place you are getting married at tells a story. Here are some examples you’re welcome to steal or expand on.

Perhaps you’re getting married at a library. Why not name the tables after well known love stories? Avoid Romeo and Juliet though and stick to ones with happy endings. Unless you and your partner are Shakespeare addicts, and then, by all means, go ahead! If stories aren’t your thing, what about authors that made their mark just as your and your partner will? Maybe you’re both Stephen King addicts and are incorporating that theme…why not title the tables after his famous works?

Getting married in a garden? Tables named after flowers or plants are a given…but what about pairing the table names with that particular flower? Of course, speak to your florist about what is in season to make this work. You can even take it one step further and add something for your guests to read about the flower that is at their table. Great ice breaker for big weddings where not everyone knows their table-mates.

But of course there are the brides that get married at a hall and can’t find anything particular to name the tables after. If you can’t think of anything about your venue special enough to showcase as a table number, then rely on your history as a couple. Perhaps you love old movies like Casablance and Gone with the Wind, or maybe you’re both crazy about famous weddings…why not name your tables after these couples in a way to honor both them and your marriage?

There are so many ways to name your tables rather than using numbers. Best of all you can use this as an excuse to spend time with your better half coming up with ideas…no input from anyone else required.

What is your wedding theme? Need help figuring out how to name your tables? Please feel free to leave a comment and I’d be happy to help.

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