Twas the night before your wedding, and all through the hall, bride and groom were practicing, for their big day at the ball…

Not a perfect rhyme, but you get the picture.

The day or two before your big day, often times there is a rehearsal held. It’s typically at the location of the ceremony so that everyone can learn what’s in store for the next day. Thankfully, with a planner, these people will have someone there to remind them where to stand when they forget.

But after the rehearsal, it’s customary to go to dinner together as a group. This dinner is often left to the last minute to be planned, but really should be taken care of at least 2-3 months in advance. Frequently a rehearsal dinner will fall on a Friday or Saturday night, when restaurants are already busy with guests, including other parties for birthdays and such. Here are some things to remember:

Your rehearsal dinner space will give guests the opportunity to give you those final “best of luck” wishes before you walk down the aisle. Make sure that where ever you go, there is ample food and, of course, wine, champagne and your beverage of choice. While no one will be getting plastered (and if they do, shame on them) it’s always a good idea to offer a drink choice so that guests can relax and do a toast if they so please.

Rehearsal dinner reservations should be locked in and rock solid at a strong establishment. Tell your planner what you’re looking for and see what they suggest. This is a very important dinner, and if you go through a rehearsal with no reservations, no place to go, or a place to go that lost those reservations, the stress of your wedding day will begin the night before. No need to go crazy with decorations, a photographer/videographer or any of that, just make sure your friends and family know where they’re going. This is the night to have everyone relax and enjoy themselves…that includes the bride and groom.


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