Full planning, partial planning and the mysterious “day of” coordination. What does it all mean? What do we offer? How do you decide what you really need and want?

Let us help you out!

Many couples decide that want to bring on a wedding coordinator for the entire deal. This means, full planning, and translates to, we will get everything for you….venue to flowers, officiant to photographer, honeymoon to cigar bar, soup to nuts….

Partial planning is for the couple that has the venue set up, and a few vendors already booked, but needs the rest put together.

Day of Coordination is included in every single package, and also stands by itself. This package alone is perfect for the couple that did all of the planning and just wants someone there to direct the final package in the 8 weeks leading up to the wedding (i.e. the most stressful) and on both the rehearsal and the wedding day. 

But your venue comes with a wedding coordinator?! No, they actually don’t. What your venue comes with is a “venue coordinator”. This is not the same as a wedding coordinator. We coordinate the entire wedding, while they coordinate just the venue. Which means that if your limo doesn’t show up, or gets lost, they aren’t calling your “venue coordinator” (that came with the venue free of charge…big deal) they are calling you, your groom, your parents, your maid of honor, or anyone just to figure out how to get you to your wedding on time. Sound like a good time? We didn’t think so.

Not only do we make sure that not a single vendor is bothering you, your family or any of your guests on the wedding day, but they will be leaving you alone in the two months leading up to your big day. This means no nagging phone calls about your song list, no life or death questions about a flower change, no random “where do I deliver the linens” voicemails…all of that, goes to us. So go ahead and have that bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, spa day(s), whatever you want!

Rothweiler Event Design will step in 2 months before your wedding day and coordinate with all of your vendors and your venue. Here are a list of things you also get with your “Day Of” Coordination package with us:

1. Unlimited text, phone calls and emails that will all be answered within 12-24 hours, if not sooner. Try getting that from anyone else….
2. Assistance at your final dress fitting so that we can bustle your dress on the big day.
3. Assistance at your final walk through at the venue to go over the entire layout and where you want everything from your escort table to the DJ to the seating chart.
4. Pick up and delivery of every single item that you will need to be set up at the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception site…and after party if you’re having one.
5. Final payment reminders for all of your vendors.
6. RSVP follow up to those guests that just can’t seem to remember to call and let you know if they are coming to the big event.
7. Timeline set up for you, your partner, the bridal party, and anyone else involved.
8. Rehearsal dinner set up, reservations and maintenance.
9. Scouting for locations to take pictures on the big day, and securing any and all permits necessary to take pictures in those picturesque locations. 
10. Confirmation conversations with all of your vendors to finalize each detail from deliveries to timing of such and everything in between.
11. Timeline set up for everyone from the stylists to the transportation to the photographer and straight through the entire reception.
12. Two coordinators with you for both your rehearsal and your wedding day.
13. Pack up at the end of the night everything from envelopes to top cake tier, and delivery to where ever you need it to be.
14. Day after check in and pick up of your wedding gown to bring it to be preserved…and we’ll take care of your flowers too.

That’s just a few of the things that come with your “Day Of” Coordination package. We’re there with you every step of the way, and no venue coordinator can replace that. It’s also important to us that your guests, family members and bridal party have a good time and don’t have to work on the wedding day. Let us take care of it for you,  you have planned enough by now!

Interested? Want to know more? Thinking, “OMG I didn’t even know this existed and I totally need Rothweiler Event Design to be there with me!!!”? Awesome. We want to hear from you too!

Email us to set up a complimentary consultation at info@rothweilereventdesign.org. We’ve seen and fixed it all. Don’t feel that you need to worry about anything…we will handle everything.

Danielle Rothweiler
Rothweiler Event Design

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