More and more couples are coming to us with an aversion to flowers. They want to use light, branches, and anything else to keep an organic feel going throughout the big day. Some, are even allergic to flowers and while they would like to use some big blooms, they don’t want to break out in hives either.

There are so many alternatives to using the tall centerpieces with overflowing roses. Depending on the theme of your wedding, as well as the location, you can use just about anything.

For instance, pictured here is a rustic lantern that our bride wanted to use for her late November wedding last year. She was more interested in keeping the warm fall and holiday feeling, and felt that flowers wouldn’t give her guests what she was looking for. Plus, she was able to design the centerpiece herself and then keep all of the lanterns which she now uses in her garden at her home. I’m personally a big fan of buying items that you’ll be able to use again as husband and wife.

If you’re having an outdoor reception, take a look around at what Mother Nature is offering you. Perhaps there are large oak trees nearby, and you want to work the branches into the centerpieces. If you’re at a vineyard, consider working grapes into anything from the altar to the bouquets. Fruits and vegetables provide a nice twist on the everyday centerpiece and will give your guests something to talk about. Any florist will be able to pull some beautiful green moss to add to a garden like wedding. 

Flowers are always a good choice, and while there are many to select from, they aren’t for everyone. So think outside the box, because it’s your day and you can have anything you want!

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