Normally, I love The Huffington Post, but their most recent blog on moving saving tips for brides made my brain hurt. I also received an onslaught of emails and facebook messages that read something like this: “OMG Did you read this hot mess?!”

Yes, I read it, and you can read the whole thing right here:

With all due respect to The Huffington Post, I couldn’t disagree with most of their points more if I tried. As a planner, I pride myself on being able to show my clients how to save money, and I want to burn this list so that they never see it. The problem with things like this on the internet, is that everyone believe the internet as Gospel. How many times have you heard that Betty White died this year? She’s not dead. The internet said so though, and I had to throw a little at everyone that posted that nonsense.

Betty White can’t ever die by the way. She’s a genius.


Below are some of the points HP made, and what my answers are to them. Feel free to throw in your two cents regarding these points or anything else in the article!

HP says: 2. Go to a bridal shop, then go online.
When people say ‘never buy your wedding dress online’, I like to imagine what they really mean is ‘never buy online without trying the dress on first’. Though there is some risks with buying a preowned dress, finding the dress you love in a Bridal shop first and then heading to PreOwnedWeddingDresses can be a great way to save cash. Alternatively, try these 8 Etsy Bridal Boutiques.

Rothweiler Event Design says: OMG, no. Do not do this. I cannot believe this piece of advice is out there. As a planner, I fight this all of the time. This is a wedding gown, not a pair of shoes from This is possibly the most important piece of clothing that a bride will ever wear in her entire life. I strongly encourage brides to cut corners elsewhere because this is not the place to do it. Can it work out in your favor? Sure. But why roll the dice here? Figure out your budget, track down dresses and styles that you like, and then go purchase one from a reputable store that offers in house alterations. 

HP says: 6. DIY centre pieces and other DIY items
On one hand DIY can be a seriously cost efficient way of cutting out unnecessary price burdens. On the other hand, it can also be a COMPLETE disaster. Think carefully about your skills before taking on any DIY project and scout out cool printable items like these wedding table games.

Rothweiler Event Design says: DIY is fine and some couples are crafty and do enjoy this. But what many couples do not think about is a. the time is takes and b. the storage that is necessary both before and after the big day. Planning a wedding is a full time job, and if you’re adding arts and crafts on top of that, you will find yourself spending every weekend with a glue gun and glitter. Plus, where will all of your decor live leading up to the wedding? What about after the wedding? It’s not always easy to unload everything you made once you’ve tied the knot.

HP says: 7. Hey Mr DJ, take the evening off!
Welcome to the world of iPods, MP3 players and mobile phones. Update with all your favourite songs, make a super playlist and party away. If you’re like me and have a dubious musical library, why not ask a couple friends around for an evening of cocktails and musical playlist making. Still worried about being your own DJ? Check out DIYreception, these guys will create your playlist for you, covering a range of genres and can even create custom introductions.

Rothweiler Event Design says: In the grand scheme of your budget, a DJ is not a large percentage. What you are saving here is not worth it. A playlist is super for your work out at the gym, but you need a real live person to watch the crowd and play appropriate music. Even with a playlist, an experienced DJ will know when to change it up and how to get the crowd moving. 

HP says: 9. Set up a DIY bar.
A luxury for only the luckiest of couples, having the chance to host your own DIY bar can be one way to save save save when planning your wedding. Hosting your wedding at an owned or backyard property? Find out how to pull off the ideal DIY bar here.

Rothweiler Event Design says: What a great way to burn through a lot of alcohol really quickly. How does this save money? By not hiring a bartender? This is a recipe for disaster. A planner and/or a caterer will be able to tell you exactly how much and of what you need for your guest count. That way you are still able to buy your own and save money but not buy too little or too much. A trained bar staff will be able to correctly pour drinks so that you’re not completely out of alcohol by the first hour of the reception.

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